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This operation varies from very minor adjustments to complete removal and replacement of the worn out implants.

Reasons for Revision Hip Surgery

Common causes for Hip Revision Surgery are

  • Wear – this can be caused by the plastic (polyethylene) wearing and is one of the simplest revisions where only the plastic insert is changed
  • Dislocation – can lead to the need for revision of the implants
  • Loosening – implants can loosen from their attachment to the bone.
  • Infection – usually presents as pain but may present as an acute fever or a general feeling of unwellness.
  • Bone Loss – Osteolysis can occur due to wear particles being released into the hip joint that result in bone resorption. This may lead to loosening of the implant from its bony attachment,
  • Hardware Pain – This can be caused by cables or wires causing irritation of the overlying soft tissues.

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